Jule was established in 2014.

Since opening in early June of 2014, we have been a local favorite at Yonge and Carlton. In the middle of downtown Toronto, Jule is a relaxing sanctuary from the busy city life right outside.

In Mandarin, “Jule” means a happy gathering of friends and family. In Northern Europe, “Jule” is an ancient celebration of December feast. When we founded Jule, our goal was to create a place where people can come together for conversation and amazing food.

Jule has been serving up gourmet desserts and delicious beverages. In November 2015, we added hot meals to accommodate the customers’ requests.

We are dedicated to providing products of the utmost excellence: our ingredients are of the highest quality, and our recipes are meticulously composed over countless hours. We pride ourselves on the considerable time spent finding the right recipes for the perfect taste.

Welcome to Jule, a true taste of home. Simple ingredients,mother’s standard, a total commitment to authentic food.


  • Been here twice, have been treated with exceptional service both times. Jule offers samples a lot of the time, as well as complimentary snacks if you're a sit down customer. Would recommend their specialty drinks, they're great. Only slight downside for me is that it's a little pricey ($4.20 for a regular drink) but that's pretty standard in a teashop, so it's pretty worth.... Read More

    -- Katherine Z.

  • Very good tea and service in beautiful surroundings. A great addition to Carlton Street.... Read More

    -- François Edder-Dionne

  • Neat new gourmet tea cafe. A bit hidden and easily missed, but they've got some fantastic brews. This is likely going to be my new go-to place for when I need to just get work done.... Read More

    -- Michele W.

  • I got the iced passion fruit QQ. It tasted delicious and I love the service here!!! :)... Read More

    -- Tommy Lam